July 32 (2019-2020)

Places where we were born and where we grew up, over time become our inner topographies – places we carry within us our whole life. Metaphysical in the relation between a man and a place is maintained in virtue of remembrance – a bond that allows us to nurture, even long or hope for it – that place becomes a phantasmagorical site to which we simply are. Return to those sites carries a certain risk of not finding what we were looking for, disappointment to know that our places are long gone.

With the aim to get to know the family history I went to the locations where my grandparents were born – four different parts of ex-Yugoslav space. Arrival at their place of departure, following guidelines written by them relying to their memory, left me in a space existing on the verge of remembrance and oblivion. The discrepancies in what I have found and what I have learned about those places from my grandparents, revealed hidden narratives that tell about demographic, urban and social changes, confirming that these dislocations between remembrance and the actual situation of the place unquestionably show entanglement between the private and public sphere of the site.