Reli(e)ving house is an intervention in urban space, in which a painting depicting an isolated house in a winter landscape is placed on a wall in the remains of a former home – a place existing on the verge of private and public, intersecting between a space and non-space.

Novi Sad, Serbia

: to set free from an obligation, condition, or restriction
: to ease of a burden, wrong, or oppression by judicial or legislative interposition

: to take the place of

: to live again
: to live over again
especially : to experience again in the imagination

: to have remaining after one’s death
: to cause to remain as a trace or aftereffect

: to cause or allow to be or remain in a specified condition
: to have as a remainder
: to permit to be or remain subject to another’s action or control

: to go away from

: to put, deposit, or deliver before or in the process of departing



*source: Merriam-Webster dictionary